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I do not reccomend watching this tripping.

I wonder how many bad trips this has caused?

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Got to 33 before i stopped caring

Was good, just beware there really isn't any doodling to be found, the only reason I clicked was cause I thought it was a doodling game of some sort. Good though, just very very tedious.

Very Creative

At first I was confused, didn't realize it was interactive til I actually read the description. Then it made sense and I moved the mouse around until I found the buttons on the border, very well done, I hope you got an A+ being that I played with it for about 5 minutes, 5 happy minutes :P

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tuan69 responds:

Thank you very much man. It fills me with joy to hear that you enjoyed it lol


I gave you an 8 for a good idea, it's just not interesting enough. You should think about adding some sound effects such as the falling whistle sound effect (google that phrase [: ) for when the ball is falling. Sometimes it's impossible to get the ball on the platform as well, just a heads up!

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Dig it man

Your boy NinjaonShrooms sent me your way...really diggin the chill mellow vibe you got going on here. The glitchey feel mixed in there goes hard, bookmarked under delicious.

ChroniMC responds:

Thank you : )

At 0:26 the original sounded better

But other than that this version sounds cleaner. The only other thing I can think of as a suggestion is to make the epic buildup less epic, theres a certain point where you're listening and you're like alright its gonna break down and then it doesnt for about another 10 seconds.

Just my two cents.

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MYDBoi responds:

Yeah I guess it is alittle long lol. I'll fix that up. Thanks for your time and review. Much appreciated.

I like it man

Simple yet complex at the same time, or maybe its the drugs. Either way, I started rapping along with the beat too.
Keep on keepin on man you're doing well.

LyRikLyNkLyNd responds:

It's definetly the drugs =) The beat is by Bojangles Bojangles.newgrounds.com

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